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Why Corporate Headshot Photography Is Important

Headshots are often associated with corporate imagery. That said, headshots are often also used to represent the personal branding of executives and managers. A powerful headshot can convey confidence, a sense of professionalism, and a personality that matches the company brand. Corporate headshots are basically a picture of your face.

Generally, they’re in black and white, and the color scheme is often neutral or dark. Neutrals are best for those who want to avoid being too flashy, and darker hues are the perfect choice for stronger, bolder photos. Since the early 2000s, corporate headshots for a wide range of industries have become increasingly common.

What Should A Corporate Headshot Deliver?

Corporate headshots are the visual representation of a company or organization, and it is an important part of a business’s branding. A corporate headshot is the first thing that strangers will see when they encounter a business card. A good image should be clear and concise and should convey the desired message clearly without being over the top or going overboard with the photo.

Corporate headshots also convey the company’s values, which can be demonstrated by how closely the person is tied to the company’s brand. It should contain a wide range of facial features so that the viewer can get a sense of who you are as an individual and what your facial features communicate.

People who are trying to "sell" themselves often ask for headshots that showcase their best features. Corporate headshots are challenging to design because they must satisfy the needs of the organization---while also ensuring that they express the company's values, vision, and mission.

The Reason You Should Take Corporate Headshots

In an office setting corporate photographs have the ability to promote the image of the company in a more positive light, drive sales, and increase profits. A headshot is usually taken within a few minutes after the person is introduced, to capture the person’s likeness and personality. It is a great marketing tool and can be used in so many ways.

From a corporate marketing standpoint, headshots are a great 'call to action' tool, and for individual marketing, they are a powerful identification tool and can build trust and rapport between the company and the consumer.

Your Headshot Should Be Unique To Yourself Only

Headshots are a type of portrait photograph that typically consists of a headshot of a person, sitting or standing, against a black or white background, often with some clothing, props, or both. Many headshots are the work of a professional photographer. Others are taken by amateur photo enthusiasts with a digital camera, cellphone, or webcam.

Headshots are serious business and one of the most important deliverables in a marketing campaign. They are a branding tool and a significant presence in your communication. The images should be unique to your organization and differentiate you from your competitors. You must note that a corporate headshot is not about pretending to be perfect. It is, however, about portraying yourself perfectly, which can be much harder than it looks.

We Can Capture The Tone You’re Aiming For

One of the most important parts of your job, and one that is often overlooked, is your corporate headshot. As the primary image used in advertisements, websites, and other marketing materials, your headshot is an opportunity to showcase your professional abilities, style, and personality to potential employers and clients.

While the importance of your headshot is undeniable, the right photographer can help bring out that essence you are looking for. Stephen Mac Photography is here to help you find your best angle and favorite headshot for your brand.

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