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Wedding Photography In Dublin By Stephen Mac Photography

A wedding is a joyous occasion for any couple to celebrate their love, the marriage of two souls whose separate lives have merged into one. Wedding photography has always been an important part of documenting memories and providing candid photos during special moments of your wedding day.

In Dublin, we provide our clients with professional photographers to capture all your memories on photo storyboards designed specifically for you so you will never forget this day!

Stephen Mac's work is a combination of art and magic. He has the privilege of shooting some beautiful weddings in Ireland, surrounded by landscapes that are almost too good for photos - it would be hard not to get lost at first glance.

Stephen Mac Photography's Work in Weddings in Ireland

We at Stephen Mac Photography guarantee that you will be delighted with the exceptionally high standards of our photography services. We go beyond simply taking wedding photographs. We capture your day in a way that is natural and relaxed. We believe that documenting people in their true environment leads to the most candid and creative images.

Wedding Photography For Contemporary Couples in Dublin: Modern, Stylish and Very Friendly Service

Our aim is not to make you pose like models but rather to enhance the atmosphere of your special day by capturing all those intimate moments away from prying eyes! Our approach to wedding photography is fresh and modern.

This means that we take into account all the changes in direction when it comes to photographic trends such as using DSLR cameras which have become the most popular option with professional photographers. They are used to ensure crisp clear images in all lighting situations with minimum fuss and maximum ease.

Our Wedding Photography Packages

You're planning out your wedding day, carefully choosing music and decor to ensure that everything goes as you've envisioned.

We know how important it is for you to have memories captured at that special moment in time. You can choose from our classic package or our deluxe package (both designed specifically for each couple). We are always happy to meet with you before the wedding so we will be familiar with the exact demands of the day. We would like you to browse through our website and see what we can offer you on this special occasion.

Our aim is to give every client personal attention ensuring their complete satisfaction with your photo storyboard. Here at Stephen Mac Photography, we provide only the best photographers who will capture all those unforgettable moments throughout your day.

We are happy to discuss wedding photography that suits your budget, style and image. There's no need for concern when it comes down to making sure that your precious memories are captured on photo storyboards, especially when dealing with experienced professionals who will provide you with the most beautiful wedding photographs.

So Call Us

We are very pleased to offer this service for our clients that want more than just regular photography services on their special day. We believe that it is important to remember those moments outside of regular photoshoots, capturing what happens on a daily basis and making it into something new so no one would suspect it's actually your wedding album!

To find out what we can do for you please contact us today at +353 85 850 1822 or info@stephenmacphotography.com where we guarantee all of our clients' complete satisfaction!

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